Anderson County District 5

Who is

Chris Silver?


Chris Silver is a candidate for county commission district 5 in anderson co, tn.

As a long time resident of Anderson County, Chris’ family reaches over 4 generations and more than 100 years in Anderson County. From Batley to Norris and Marlow to Oliver Springs family roots grow deep. Although rooted in the past Chris is passionate for the future of Anderson County. Chris has decades of business management experience spanning a wide range of industries.During his years in management he has experience in increasing productivity, cutting expenses, balancing budgets, and introducing innovations. Currently Chris owns and operates a small business located in District 5 of Anderson County. During his free time Chris enjoys the outdoors, automotive tinkering and restoration, and most of all spending quality time with his family.

Chris on the Issues


Conflict Resolution

Conflicts between county departments and offices creates inefficiencies in time and expense, which is a disservice and embarrassment to the people of Anderson County. County employees should be concerned, first and foremost, with how their decisions and actions affect county residents, and only secondly about the effects on their own and other county departments.

My goal is to improve the working relationships between county offices and departments so that the county can operate as efficiently as possible.

Encourage Small Business Growth

One of the greatest impediments to creating and maintaining a small businesses is government, with all its fees, filings, and overreaching regulations that makes business more costly and complicated.

My goal is to have the commission review and eliminate regulations that encumber and stifle the the growth of small businesses in Anderson County. Furthermore, to encourage Small business growth incentives and gateways should be initiated and developed.

Fiscal Responsibility

Commission stewards are duty-bound to be fiscally responsible, and put aside political agendas. Budgets must be as lean as possible so that taxes are kept low and, if possible, even reduced.

My goal is to, first, make sure budgets are balanced, and second, to make certain that budget decisions are based primarily on the effect to county residents.

Opioid Crisis

The opioid crisis has ravaged Anderson County for years. It is imperative that solutions should be sought through cooperation of local, state, and federal resources to help stop the cycle of abuse and addiction.

Term Limits

The Founding Fathers never intended government to be populated by career politicians. When the focus of elected representatives is reelection, the system has failed.

My goal is to impose an eight-year term limit on all elected Offices.

Benefits for County Commissioners

The County Commission should not receive taxpayer-funded health and dental insurance.

I will immediately introduce a motion to eliminate these costly and unwarranted benefits.


County residents should always be informed and aware of, not only what decisions are made, but the reasons and council that influenced these decisions. County residents should feel free to ask questions and challenge proposals, and their voices must not be dismissed out of hand.

The Second Amendment

I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment.